Firm History

Templeton and Phillips Capital Management, LLC was originally founded as Templeton Capital Management in 2001 by Lauren Templeton with seed investment capital of $30 million from investment legend Sir John Templeton. The firm’s leadership refined its investment strategy under the guidance of Sir John Templeton from 2001-2008, and the firm continues to reflect and model Sir John Templeton’s investment philosophy and processes.

In 2011, Templeton and Phillips expanded its international research efforts through a joint venture with Oxford Metrica, based in Oxford England. Oxford Metrica is led by Dr. Rory Knight, who prior to forming Oxford Metrica was the Dean of Templeton College (Oxford’s business school) at Oxford University, and prior to joining Templeton College Dr. Knight was a Deputy Director with the Swiss National Bank. Oxford Metrica has an extensive background in the research of neglected international securities, and its team exclusively supports the Templeton and Phillips investment management process focused on international equities.

Both of the firm's principals Lauren Templeton and Scott Phillips are actively involved in the investment community, speaking regularly at investment conferences, as well as having authored several books on investing.

Independent and whenever necessary contrarian, the firm has evolved today into a value investment boutique that services a variety of high net worth and institutional clients. 













Templeton & Phillips Capital Management, LLC is not affiliated with Franklin Templeton Investments or any of its affiliated companies, including the Templeton Funds.