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Please feel free to review some of the past issues of the Maximum Pessimism Report by clicking the links below

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Value Creation.5.5.2015

Oiled Lang Syne.1.2.2015

Value Creation.4.25.2014.pdf

Growth and Income.3.3.2014.pdf

Genies, Ogres, Financial Chaos and the Return of Pessimism.1.24.2014.pdf

Don't Shoot Your Eye Out.12.26.2013.pdf

Quality Stocks Not Invited to QE Dance.11.25.2013.pdf

Tortoises and Hares.10.25.2013.pdf

Policy Sideshows & Bargain Hunting.9.25.2013.pdf

Steel Nerve.8.22.2013.pdf

Bargain Hungry.7.26.2013.pdf

Thank Ye Bernanke.6.26.2013.pdf

Data, Data Everywhere.5.28.2013.pdf

Eur-Woe-Zone Saga Continues.4.29.2013.pdf

Name That Tune.3.28.2013.pdf

Find a Need and Fill It.2.25.2013.pdf

Currency - The Policymakers' Last Bullet...1.30.2013.pdf

The Templeton Touch.12.27.2012.pdf

Bargain Priced Insurance...11.28.2012.pdf

$3 Trillion Reasons for Concern.10.26.2012.pdf

Housing Woes-Be-Gone, or...8.23.2012.pdf

Heat Wave Spurs Popping Corn Prices.7.20.2012.pdf

King Coal May Be Happier in Exile.6.25.2012.pdf

By Failing to Prepare, You are Preparing to Fail.5.23.2012.pdf

Treasuries and the Raging Bull Market...4.23.2012.pdf

The Scramble for Rare Earth Continues.3.26.2012.pdf

The Groundhog's Cycle...2.27.2012.pdf

History Rhymes - Borrowing from.....1.24.2012.pdf

An Ode to Scrooge.12.21.2011.pdf

The Sun Will Rise Again in Japan.Winter.2011.pdf

The Cult of Common Sense.Fall.2010.pdf

Pessimistic Energy.June.2010.pdf

Quality Pessimism.March.2010.pdf

For Profit Education Gets an A+ in Pessimism.December.2009.pdf

A Rare Opportunity.September.2009.pdf

Emerging Market Protein Consumption...June.2009.pdf

Crisis Equals a Rare Opportunity....March.2009.pdf

It's Good to be a Buzzard With so Many Bears on the Loose.December.2008.pdf




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